Online Fitness Training and Workout ProgramsDid you know online fitness training sessions have absolutely exploded in the last decade?

Online workouts and fitness classes help clients invest in their physical wellbeing and overall fitness while creating a convenient and flexible plan to save time. read more

At The Body Therapist, we offer online fitness training for people who don’t enjoy going to the gym or do not have the time or capacity to go to the gym. Our online fitness programs are personal, and your online trainer in Bella Vista will come up with training programs that are customised to meet your goals and available time. We offer prep-friendly meal plans, effective at-home workouts and online consultations that fit your needs, concerns and abilities. Our personal trainers in Bella Vista will keep you motivated and on track by performing weekly-checkups via Zoom or Skype.

Our online personal training courses include,

  • At-home training programs
  • LIVE 1 on 1 consultations
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Postural correction exercises
  • High-intensity exercises
  • Nutritional programming
  • Fat loss programming
  • Health and accountability coaching
  • Specific mobility and self-release techniques to combat back pain, headaches and many other
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Our customisable online personal training programs include fat loss, muscle building, strength training, fitness and functional training, and more. Online programs are designed and delivered in a safe, convenient, and client-centred manner. We ensure to make the online training sessions interactive, easy to use, simple to follow, and more. The cost for our online fitness courses are comparatively lower and help you align on the goals without distractions.

Are you looking for exclusive online training to save time? We can help you! Contact us now.