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Our Team provides expert quality and professional health and fitness services for all your health needs. Offering fully tailored, flexible and sustainable training programs, injury rehabilitation programs and nutritional and dietary advice programs to suit each client’s unique needs. With over 10 years’ experience in training, our therapists and trainers have worked with NRL athletes, MMA athletes, kickboxers, amateur and professional bodybuilders and Australian Defence Force members. We have also proudly assisted in maintaining the health and wellbeing of doctors and some of Australia’s leading surgeons.

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How often should I work out?

The frequency of your work out depends on your health and fitness goals, and we recommend a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results. Working out fewer than the recommended level will make you feel starting over again each and every time. Strength training must be practised two days per week. At The Body Therapist, we strongly believe that education on exercise is essential in maximising effectiveness and reducing your risk of injury. We will teach you everything you need to know about exercising and provide tailored programs for personal training Bella Vista that suits your need and requirements. Contact us today!

What personal training services do you offer?

At The Body Therapist, we are committed to providing tailored training programs, injury management programs, rehabilitation programs, postural assessments, and health and fitness assessments. All our training programs are customised to suit your individual needs and requirement. We offer the following personal training services Bella Vista.

  • Fat Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Kickboxing
  • High-intensity Training
  • Bodybuilding Preparation

What is a remedial massage?

Remedial massage is a systematic approach to treat the muscles, ligaments, and tissues of your body to assist in rehabilitation, pain, and injury management. This massage is beneficial for people with moderate injuries resulting in structural issues, as it eliminates pain and restores optimal functioning of the damaged area. Our remedial massage Bella Vista is designed to balance soft tissue length, tension and strength, which promotes the return to normal joint/capsular/bone position, increasing the flow of blood and lymph, and more.

What are the treatments included in remedial massage?

Our remedial massage Bella Vista packages are carefully designed to solve health problems such as back pain, headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle weakness, chronic muscle pain, and more. The treatment options include,

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Myofascial Release
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Exercise Prescription

What types of problems can be treated with dry needling?

Dry needling Bella Vista can be used to treat musculoskeletal problems such as neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and migraines, spinal dysfunction, joint dysfunction, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, arm pain, and more. Even though the procedure involves the insertion of needles into the skin and muscle, most patients do not feel the pain.

Do you offer online fitness consulting?

Yes! At The Body Therapist, we create a convenient and flexible plan that allows our clients to take care of their physical and overall fitness at their convenient location. Our online fitness training programs are customised to meet your goals and available time. We offer prep-friendly meal plans, effective at-home workouts and online consultations that fit your needs, concerns and abilities. Our personal trainers will keep you motivated and on track by performing weekly check-ups via Zoom or Skype.